My new arrivals: what did I buy lately?

Hello everybody!

When I started to write my little blog, I was thinking that I would post 2 times per week. But, since I work a lot, I hardly find some time to finish what I started to write. That said, I go back to the real subject of this post.

There is nothing better than arriving home and seeing that few packages arrived and wait for you to open them! This happens to me quite often, since I order a lot online, but  I’m sure that the happiness I feel when opening the packages, will never diminish.

Besides this, I find myself often being target of my older household members’  jokes, because of number of packages I receive and the fact that I order my cosmetics mostly from Asia. They find this last part hilarious 😁

So, what was the content of the boxes I received lately?

As usual, I do not have a lot of make up in my new arrivals; most of it are different skincare products.

Klairs Blue youth activating drop – the instructions said that this is used as a first step after the cleansing. I’ll try this when I finish my Tosowoong First essence Timeshift.

Petitfee Azulene soothing pads – Can’t wait to try those pads. I couldn’t find lots of reviews for this, but last few days the bloggers started to talked about them and it’s only positive for now (I see now that I forgot to take the picture).

Holika Holika aloe soothing gel

Peripera Peri’s Ink the velvet Oops fuchsia – I already have one Peripera Ink from Airy velvet line (Sold out red) and I love it!! Hope that this one will also be great.

Klairs Freshly juiced Vitamin E mask – I always wanted to try this mask, but I didn’t want to buy a full size product. I was so happy when I found these samples.

Iunik Beta glucan serum – apparently betaglucan is a good replacement for hyaluronic acid (that what I read somewhere), but it won’t dry the skin as hyaluronic acid sometimes does.

Missha bb cream trial kit – I bought 2 kits for my sister to try the shade #29. I will keep my perfect shade #27.

Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette – I always wanted to buy one of UD palettes; I chose this one after reading somewhere that this is a great choice for green-eyed girls and I’m one of them.

Aveda Be curly curl activator – I’m always looking for something which would bring back life to my curls (they are lost after an extensive period of hair-loss).

I didn’t use most of those products before, with the exception of Missha bb cream, so I’m really curious about them, especially about Klairs youth activating drop and Aveda curl activator.

As usual, I got a lot of samples with my orders from Korea.

Did you try any of the products I bought?

Till my next post, stay beautiful and healthy.

Only 10 items on my Ebay WL!! How is it possible?

Hello everybody! I hope you’re doing fine.

Today I was thinking about sharing my Ebay wish list which became rather short lately. I’m estonished how it is possible!! I remember the beginnings of my Kbeauty trip when I had the pages and pages of products on my WL. I was reading a lot of reviews, following lot of bloggers and youtube channels, I was exploring hundreds of products and as a result of all this, I wanted and needed everything. This was back in 2015 and 2016. But how time was passing, the picture became a bit clearer, as well as my cosmetic wishes. Since then, I tried lot of products, I made lot of orders, mostly on Ebay and I spent a lot of money on skincare products. I could tell you exactly how much money I am talking about since, about the same time as my Kbeauty trip began, I started to use xls spreadsheets for my orders, stocks and dates when I opened the products. However,  I will not write about the money I spent, but I will write about where I would like to spend some more money.

So, what do I have on my WL? Which are these 10 products?

And before I start, let me just reassure you that the links I posted are not the referral links  and I do not gain anything if you buy by clicking on those. How could I? 😂😂😂 (I’m only a “blogger” with 4 posts and 4 follwers).

So let’s go to my WL finally!

–  Cosmetic pots (plastic) – I’m always decanting my products, especially when I travel, so I’m always in need of small jars and bottles.


As I said in my post about toners, I always have at least 2 on my WL and for the moment, these 2 are my possible next purchases:

1) Cosmetex Roland Hyaluronic acid Astaxanthin CoQ10 anti-aging –  I like the combination of the ingredients and the fact that it is rather affordable (cca 10 USD)

2) Olivarrier Dual Moist toning lotion – I always listen what Rene a.k.a. Gothamista recommends and she mentionned Olivarrier, as one of brands she is exploring lately.

Essences and emulsions

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence – I like propolis and I like essences, so I need to try this one

Sooreyahan Ginseng Secret Skin Care True Rejuvenating Emulsion – this is on my WL for a while now that I honestly do not remember why I put it there.

Creams and bb creams

Missha Near Skin Total Ceramide cream – I always have something with ceramides on my WL for my sisters who suffer from a mild rosacea

Lioele Super gold snail bb cream – although Missha Perfect cover bb cream in shade #27 is my perfect choice, I’m always looking for something that could replace it since this shade is sometimes hard to find, unlike lighter shades. Up till now, I didn’t find anything even close to my perfect Missha.


A by Bom Super Power Baby Ultra Cool Leaf mask – I’m a huge fan of sheet masks and accordingly, I have a huge stash of these. One of my next post will be about sheet masks for sure. This particular sheet mask drew my attention  because of the interestong shape (you put the leaves on the face).

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing mask – I’m always looking for a good clay mask and this one has the excellent reviews.

And last item on my WL are the Neogen Dermalogy Real Cica pads – this is rather new product, but I read some fine reviews. I like the products containing cica or tiger grass or centella asiatica, so this is very interesting product for me.

If you tried some of products from my WL, please do share with me your opinion.

Till next time, stay beautiful and healthy!



My beauty stash: All my toners vol. 2

Hello everybody!

As the title of my post indicates, this is the 2nd part of my post about toners and this time, it is about the ones which are waiting to be opened. I already mentionned in my previous post, that the toners are my favourite part of the routine and that’s why I have so many of them. You name it, I buy it 😁 seems to be my philosophy when it comes to the toners. I always have a few on my wish list, while I’m always waiting for the postman to bring me 1 or 2 new ones.

So, I have 8 toners which I currently use and today you will see my real stash of toners. Some of them are repurchased item, some of them came as a result of an impulsive shopping and some were a longtime yearning.

Muji Mujirushi Light toning water High moisture: This is a repurchased item. I alternate it with Pyunkang yul mist toner, because I love both and cannot decide which is better. It is a great toner, highly moisturizing as its name says. My skin feels great, moisturized throughout whole day.

Isntree aloe soothing toner: Honestly I do not remember why I bought this one, I probably bought it on a whim 😁 However, I read lot of nice reviews for his “brother” hyaluronic toner, so this cannot be bad, I guess?

Secret Key Brightening Milk toner: I read a lot of favorable reviews about Secret Key toners, so I kept this longtime on my WL. Basically I wanted to try first the aloe version, but since I have another aloe toner in my stash, I bought this milk version. I have high hopes for this one.

Acwell 5.5 Licorice ph balancing: I read a lot about this toner, especially from Charlotte Cho from Soko Glam. She induced such a hype that, at one point, I read that there were more than 2.000 people on waiting list !!! OMG! Off course, I wanted to try it, but it was not available anywhere, so I forgot about it. But when I saw it in my feed on Ebay, I clicked on it instantly. I have really high hopes for this one and hope that it won’t be a disappointment.

Klairs Supple preparation mini size 30ml: I tried a small decant of this toner, so I bought the mini size bottle to test a little bit more.

Ohui Miracle moisture softener: I loved the softener from SU:M37 Summa Losec line, so I wanted to try another one. Apparently, this one might be even better than Losec. We’ll see!

Alpha-H Liquid gold: I wrote about it in my Empties post. This bottle will wait for the autumn.

Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea: I kept it for a longtime on WL. We will see soon if it is worth a hype!

And a little bonus track, sorry toner 😂 I also have a bottle of Tosowoong Sparkle propolis ampoule. Although it is an ampoule, I consider it a toner since it’s a light, perfect hydration which sinks in the skin just like a toner. This is also a repurchased item.

While I was preparing this post, I emptied a Pyunkang yul mist toner, so one of the above will be opened very soon.

Which one would you open? What toners do you use?

Till next time, stay beautiful and healthy!


My beauty stash: All my toners vol. 1

Hello everybody! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Today I thought of writing about my favourite part of routine and favourite kind of products which are Toners. I really enjoy using them and my skin feels the same 😀 I wrote the toners with T, because for me they are the  royals of my skin routine and an enormous game-changing element.

Even before I started to explore Asian beauty range, I was always using the toners (ever since I was a teenager). Last few years I was applying toners like Asian women do, but without knowing it 😂 (dabing in the toners without cotton pads).

It’s definetely time to count my toner stash which is not a small one.

These are currently in use:

Mizon AHA BHA daily clean: I use this ph adjusting toner before the acid  toners and serums to avoid the waiting time after I cleanse my face. I have no reactions at all, it prepares well the skin for the next acid step. It works well with Alpha-H liquid gold, Pixi glow, my vitamin C serum (Klairs freshly juiced vitamin).

Humphrey’s Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Redness Reducing: I bought it on Iherb since it has really good reviews. Beside acid toners, this is the only toner I use with the cotton pad. I use it always the morning. I do not do a double cleansing in the morning. I apply the micellar water, wash it off and then I apply this toner which really calms the skin and works well for the redness. After that, I continue with other toners.

Pixi Glow tonic: I tried the mini size from 2016 Lookfantastic Advent Calendar and I liked it. Honestly I do not see it as proper acid containing toner because it’s really mild. And yet it’s effective and gives the glow to skin. I use this one when I pause from Alpha-H. I use it also once in a fortnight during summer when I know I can avoid a lot of exposure to sun (and off course I put on SPF50).

Rohto Hada labo Premium hyaluronic acid toner: This HA acid toner really makes a difference for me, by making my skin really plump and soft. Before I started to use HA toner, I was frightened by the posts in which people were talking about how the hyaluronic acid can sometimes dry the skin. So to prevent this, I always put the tones of hydrating toners before and after putting this toner. The toner itself is great, sinks in fast, it’s not sticky. You need only a small amount for whole face and neck. I decanted it few times and still it will last a long time.

Meishoku fragrance free adstringent toner: This is a repurchased item. I have a real love-hate relationship with this one. When my skin is in love with it, this toner calms my skin, tones down any redness, evens the complexion. And then, when my skin hates it, it doesn’t sink in well and it prevents everything else which comes on top of it, to penetrate into the skin. I interpret this as the phase when my skin is overloaded with ceramides. On the other hand, I decanted it to my sisters who both suffer of a mild rosacea and they just love it.

Pyunkang Yul mist toner: This is also a repurchased item and I will continue buying it. For me it has a perfect balance of hydration / moisture, sinks in perfectly, makes the skin shinny and supple, works magically with my Hada labo HA toner. I do not sprey it directly to the face, because it will be finished very fast. I sprey it in my hand and then I dab it in the skin.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich toner: This toner is more like a serum, than a toner due to its viscosity. It does hydrate the skin, but it is, at the same time, extremely nourishing. It’s organic, full of a botanical extracts which give it a specific scent. And with this, we come to main issue for me. Although its scent is completely natural coming from organic ingredients, I just cannot stand it! It’s too strong for my taste and I can feel it much longer, than I want. If it wasn’t for the scent, I would be  repurchasing it forever.

Farm Stay Snail Visible Difference Moisture toner: How I love this one!!! Big bottle for not a lot of money and at the same time, excellent product. It’s not watery toner, it is more a gel. It sinks in fast and well, it refreshes the skin, plumps it, it is moisturizing and not sticky at all, although it is a snail product. I use it in the morning and in the evening and I always put at least 2 layers.


When I started this post, I thought that I would write about all the toners I have: the ones in use and the ones waiting to be opened. However, this would be a too long post, and maybe too boring, so I will write about the ones to be opened in my next post.


Till then, stay beautiful and healthy!!



Empties 1

I always liked the posts about the emptied products, so I consider normal that my first post is about my empties.

Most of my empties are Asian beauty products, but I use also “western” products.

So, let’s begin!

The Body Shop Shea hand cream (travel size): I really like TBS products, especially the body butters. This hand cream is no exception to that. It sinks in fast without leaving greasy residue, provides the decent moisture and it smells quite nice.

Fascy Moisture bomb hand cream Milk: I had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately I was a little bit disapointed. Beside very cute packaging and a kind of vintage scent reminding me of Nivea cream, I didn’t feel that moisture bomb like the name of the cream says. It sinks in fast, but doesn’t provide enough moisture. Won’t repurchase.

Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect mascara: this was decent mascara which was fine for my needs. It gives my lashes the volume which they are a bit missing, it is not too wet, has nice black color, but it does not smudge.

Benefit Badgal lash mascara: this was complete miss for me. I didn’t use it for a long time, it was driving me crazy because it was smudging my undereye area. I looked like panda till 10 o’clock in the morning (I usually put my make up around 8:30 am). Obviously there will be no repurchasing for me.

Alverde eye and lip biphase make up remover: another big miss for me. I was looking for a replacement for Asian makeup removers, so I bought this in DM. I was so happy when I finished it. I needed 4-5 cotton pads to remove the make up and I don’t even use the waterproof mascara. It stinged my eyes like crazy and this is a huge NO for me since I wear the contact lenses.

Alpha-H liquid gold: this was my first AHA product I tried and I really love it. I had no side effects of any kind: no redness, no flaking, no bad reaction of any kind. Applied at night, the next morning it left my skin soft and shinny, with nice texture. Depending on how lazy was, sometimes I used it as only product in my routine and sometimes I put my whole routine after waiting for at least half hour. Lately, I use it in conjunction with Mizon ph adjusting toner and they are a perfect match. I already bought the bigger bottle of Liquid gold, but it is in my stash waiting for the autumn.

It’s skin Power 10 formula LI effector: I think this was my 3rd bottle. It’s my go to serum everytime I feel my skin will react to something (overloaded routine, bad product combination or else). This licorice serum calms perfectly my skin, evens the appearence and smooths it. I have already repurchased and opened the new bottle of this.

It’s skin Power 10 formula propolis effector: I also bought few bottles of Propolis effector. Generally speaking, these It’s skin serums are excellent investment: not expensive at all and yet very effective. Propolis effector is my favourite product containing propolis. My skin is moisturized, but not greasy or sticky like with some other products with propolis. It gives my skin perfect healthy shine. Will repurchase again and again.

The Face Shop Mild cotton pads: one more product which prouves that Asian beauty brands are ahead of western ones, even with the cotton pads!!! These do not “swallow” the product. They are so soft and feel so nice on the skin. I used them both for removing make up and applying some liquid products (acid, toners,..).

This is all for my first empties! Stay beautifull and healthy!

My first note


When registering this blog, I was thinking about what language should I use. I have no intention to gain some world blogging succes, but still I chose English, instead of my maternal Croatian language.

I plan to write down my opinions and experience with skincare products which I buy and use a lot, but really a lot!! I used to write my skin diary for a long time because of struggle with sebhorrea (I hope I spelled it correctly), so this kind of diary is no news to me. If it helps somebody, great!!!

So if somebody is reading this, welcome to my blog!