Do not follow my steps: guide for a Kbeauty beginner

Ever since I started to use both Kbeauty and Jbeauty products, I feel like I have a multiple personality disorder. On one hand, I am vibrant person extremely happy with how my skin looks and feels (like it has never looked), and on the other hand,  I am constantly mad at myself for buying so many products, for having 7 toners, 4 emulsions, 5 serums, 40 sheet masks, for opening 20 jars, tubes and bottles and still wanting to open 10 new ones,  for thinking that I must have everything (like Pokemons that children were collecting a decade ago).

As you can see this is not a “normal” guide for Kbeauty beginners you were maybe expecting and which you can find everywhere (what’s a Kbeauty routine, what’s an essence, a toner, how to build up a routine, etc). These are my guidelines how to get the best for your skin from a great Asian beauty world and how to keep your wallet safe and your head clear at the same time.

Before I start sharing my wisdom or even better, before I try preventing you from making my own mistakes, let me tell you where I’m standing at the moment when it comes to Kbeauty. I have a huge stash (all purchased with my own money) which I want to purge now a bit. I’m trying to keep myself on a no-buy regime, however I keep having cosmetic relapses caused by different things. So as you can see, I know what I’m talking about when I say that I’m trying to prevent you from making my own mistakes. Personaly, I have no intent of becoming a famous beauty blogger and earning my life from it. I have a nice and well paid job which I like and this blog is something that is making me happy and relaxed and my thought was  why not sharing my cosmetic experience. If only 1 or 2 persons read this and it helps them, my mission is completed.

When I started to explore the faboulous world of Kbeauty, I felt like I had to try everything and like I needed everything. I didn’t pay attention to what type of skin the product was made for or what skin concern it targeted. If somebody said it was a wonderful product, it was enough for me to wish for it and most of times to buy it!! Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed!! Trust me, this world of innovative products, strange ingredients, interesting packagings and shapes and sometimes funny translated names, can be pretty overwhelming.

Try to stay reasonable and wise! Choose your products carefully, investigate a little bit before you hit the buy button. Google the product, take advantage of the fact that everything can be found online, read more than 1 product review and choose the ones that were written by somebody similar to you (in age, skin type, skin concerns, …).

Do not buy a product each time there is a hype going on message boards, Instagram or elsewhere. You do not need an anti-wrinkle serum if you’re in your 20’s (unless you look like a picture of Dorian Gray 😁). There is no product that can satisfy everybody. And, I have to say that sometimes I feel like some people try to hype the product only for keep hypeing alive (if you understand what I want to say). Also I keep noticing that more and more people are creating hype around the products that they have being using for only couple of days. You should know that this should be called  first impressions.

I can bet that on every message board, Reddit topic about Kbeauty or similar, there is at least one person who thinks that she knows (everything) the best, not only for her, but for everybody else. If she doesn’t like a product, nobody will, if her skin reacts to a certain ingredient, it is useless, if she doesn’t like or respect the brand, neither have to the others, if the product is working for her, so it will for everybody else. Of course, you can hear what those people have to say, but keep in mind that your experience might be quitte the opposite (going both ways).

Take the adventage which Kbeauty has and western beauty usually doesn’t and it is called the samples. Whenever you can buy the samples, do it. Do not buy the full size product if you can try the samples first. Sometimes sample prices are bit higher, but buying the samples can save you a lot of money that could be waisted on a full size products, that don’t work well for you. Also, sample size products give you the opportunity to try high end products that you cannot maybe afford.

If you find a perfect product, you should stick to it. I know that the huge choice of products which you find once you open the door to Kbeauty, can be very intriguing, overwhelming, challenging and it can make you want to try all, but if you find that perfect product, just keep on using it. Finding another perfect product will probably cost you some time, nerves and money. Trust me: grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!




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  1. I love this! I entered the Kbeauty, Jbeauty world many years ago now, but you are so right at how overwhelming all the products can be. I was like a child in a candy store wanting everything. Now I buy what I think will genuinely help my skin not just because I like the look of it. SJ x

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