IMPORTANT: Dear, Klairs is refunding the clients

Hello everybody!

If you, just like me, loved Klairs Soft airy uv essence spf50 and were very disappointed when it turned out its declared spf was not even close to the real one, this information might be interesting for you.

Klairs published the results of their testing and it seems that Soft airy essence had the spf between 12 and 15!! Unbelievable, right?? The testing results for their 2 other products were also published (Mid Day blue UV shield and Illuminating Supple blemish cream). As a result of this terrible results, Klairs decided to refund everybody who purchased their spf products through their authorized distributors.

Here is the link where you can ask for refund depending where you purchased your sunscreen. Last year, I bought 2 tubes through their authorised Ebay seller kr.cfactory and I have just filled the forms.

Official Refund Policies – Dear, Klairs (

I must say I’m nicely surprised and that is how everybody should treat their clients.

Now, let’s wait and see what happens next (waiting for the summer or in my case, waiting for the refund 🙂 ).

UPDATE May 17th 2021: This morning I got a refund for all 3 Klairs sunscreens I bought. Well done, Klairs!


  1. Simply Saima says:

    It’s really nice that they are being transparent with consumers and offering full refunds. SPF12 is a pretty sad result especially as the Soft Airy UV Essence is loved by so many of us for its texture. Looks like I’ll be finishing mine as a regular moisturiser instead of a sunscreen now 😦

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    1. I have one backup in my stash. I was thinking today what to do with it. Thanks for the hint 🙂 I thought maybe to use it on my hands.

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      1. Simply Saima says:

        Hands! 🙌 That’s also an excellent idea, I’ll do that too 😆

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  2. I was saddened to hear the protection wasn’t up to standards / marketing claims. I loved using this as it went on absolutely beautifully. I don’t have any receipts for the several tubes that i bought so won’t be able to get refunds but I’m glad the company is trying to make amends.

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    1. Where did you buy your sunscreens?


      1. I get mine from Olive Young (Korean chemist) and did not keep the receipts so I don’t think I’m eligible… I have no proof of purchase.


      2. Of course you do not have receipt. Who would have thought that it would come to this 🙁

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  3. cafebeauty2021 says:

    This seems to happening a lot! This is the third brand of sunscreen I’ve heard that’s claims aren’t up to standards. Really sad, but I’m glad they’re being honest and giving refunds.

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    1. Purito, Keep Cool, Klairs, apparently Cosrx aloe has also some issues, but they all didn’t treat their customers as Klairs did. Klairs kept me as a client for sure!

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      1. I think Dr Jart pulled several of their sunscreens too

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      2. I wasn’t aware of that. I only tried one of their sunscreens. I do like Cicapair color correcting with spf.


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