Skincare stash decrease project 2021 – April update

Here is the first update of my 2021 skincare stash decrease project. This is just the continuation of my 2020 skincare stash decrease project, since I wasn’t so happy with the status of my stash one year after starting this project. I explain in my post about November and December beauty hauls where it went wrong and if you see those hauls, you can understand why I continue with a nobuy.

So, here are my empties for April 2021.

Allies of Skin Silk molecular amino cleanser – I will dearly miss this cleanser in my routine. It was one of my biggest 2020 skincare discoveries. It is lush, luxurious, has gorgeous texture. It is effective, mild, doesn’t foam and still performs flawlessly leaving the skin soft and clean. I really enjoyed in cleansing lately, especially since I introduced Deviant skincare Cleansing concentrate in my routine. Those two are cleansing match made in heaven ❤. Both are on pricier side, but worth every single penny. I would definitely repurchase.

Mamonde Petal spa oil to foam Rose – I’m so happy this oil finally vanished from my stash! I honestly do not know why I had high expectations from this oil cleanser, but I did. At first, I liked it, but then as I was using it more often, I started to be more and more unsatisfied with each use. This cleanser can replace both cleansers in your routine as its name says: oil to foam. And it really transforms easily from oil phase to an emulsion by adding the water. However, when you apply it to the dry face, it feels like it has no slip at all, just a grip, which is really weird for an oil. It doesn’t go smoothly on the face, I always had a feeling it stucked. The moment I added a water, felt always like a moment of salvation. I cannot deny its efficacity when it comes to removing dirt, spf, makeup, but I couldn’t go nowhere near my eyes with it, since it stung like hell (pardon my French). I cannot remember of any cleanser that burnt my eyes so badly. Even when rinsing it off, I had to be very careful that it doesn’t go to my eyes. Another reproach is that it is really heavily scented, you can smell roses from miles. The scent itself is not unpleasant, it is simply way over-perfumed. I struggled with it for 1/3 of bottle and then I found a new purpose for remaining 2/3 of bottle: I was cleaning my makeup brushes with it. Can you guess if I will repurchase it or not?

Secret Key Aloe soothing toner – This is wonderful hydrating toner. Actually I thought it was pretty watery until I opened my current toner (Klairs Daily hydrating water) and than I realized it wasn’t so runny and it has some body to it. It isn’t sticky at all as some products that contain aloe, no matter of consistency, tend to be. It is absorbed nicely and quickly and gives such a nice hydration boost to the skin. Sometimes I used this toner three times a day (morning, evening and with my Nuface). I really enjoyed in this toner and will definitely repurchase.

Secret Key milk brightening– Unlike with its green brother, I didn’t get along so well with this blue one. When I first started to use this toner, I had really nice results in skin softening so, I got a bit over-excited and tried to apply few layers, something like 7-skins and it didn’t go so well since it badly irritated my skin. The ingredient which probably irritated my skin is the milk protein which is an exfoliant. After this unpleasant experience, I ditched this toner in a corner of my room (it sound so poetic) and didn’t use it at all for quite a while. When I reintroduced it back to my routine, I was applying it all over my body (hands, arms, feet, legs) just to finish it. Although it is a decent toner, I didn’t let myself be thrilled again so easily. I will not repurchase.

Thank You Farmer True water deep serum – This is very light serum, but at the same time extremely hydrating and moisturizing. It has a gel consistency, it is easily spread and nicely absorbed and despite the texture, it provides rich moisture to the skin. I used it both in my morning and evening routines. When I was using it in my morning routine, sometimes I skipped the moisturizer and went straight to sunscreen and I never felt like I was missing something in the sens of moisture or that my skin was feeling tight due to the lack of moisturizer under it. It is really nice serum and I will definitely repurchase it.

Drunk Elephant Polypeptide cream 15ml – I got this mini size as gift with purchase at Sephora, although I would probably buy it myself anyway, since I like to have peptides in my routine. The moisturizer has a nice texture which is on richer side, but not heavy or greasy in any way. It is easily spread and sinks nicely in the skin. I used it in my night routine as a last step and in the morning, my skin felt smooth, soft, but also replenished and nourished. Since this was 15ml moisturizer, I emptied it rather quickly, so I cannot write about long-term effects on firmness or fine lines. However, I would definitely purchase this in full size.

Supergoop Unseen sunscreen spf30 – I have already had this mini tube in my empties. I got it in Cultbeauty discovery box. This sunscreen is a light, yellow gel that is invisible on the skin, sinks in nicely, is absorbed completely and leaves no greasy or sticky residue what so ever, being oil-free. It leaves a silky, silicon-like finish, but not in the way that it would feel like mask on your face. It feels so comfortable on the skin. I must say that it performs flawlessly as a makeup base, I dare to say it performs much better than some actual primers I have tried. It doesn’t pill under the makeup, the skin stays hydrated throughout the day. Overall, this is an excellent sunscreen whose only minus is that is on a pricey side, since this small tube costs around 15 GBP which is rather expensive for 15ml tube. Nevertheless, I would still repurchase it.

I’m from Mugwort mask – Among 3 I’m from masks I have tried so far, this mugwort mask is definitely my favourite. It is spread easily, has a pleasant herbal scent that has calming and relaxing effect. The mask itself is cooling, smoothing, calming. I played with this mask applying it in thiner and thicker layers, and, unlike with I’m from honey mask, I didn’t have any issues with removing it. Ginseng mask is waiting for me to open it, but I will for sure repurchase this one.

April total: 8 empties + 2 sheet masks

In April, I used up: 2 cleansers / 2 toners / 1 serum / 2 moisturisers and sunscreens / 1 wash-off mask / 2 sheet masks

Since my birthday is in April, I got some presents that increased a bit stash. I got Asos March beauty box which contained some pretty interesting items like Elemis Pro-collagen cleanser, Caudalie spf50 and Sunday Riley’s Ice cream. I also got SVR Sun secure blur spf50.

So, at the end of April 2021, here is the summary of my cosmetic stash:

  • 17 cleansers
  • 16 toners and mists
  • 29 acid & active treatments
  • 20 essences
  • 8 serums / ampoules
  • 2 emulsions
  • 22 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 4 sleeping packs
  • 9 facial oils
  • 22 wash-off masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 79 sheet mask

I decided that I will also write down the value of the emptied products. I did my homework, went through the loads and loads of my orders and wrote down the value of almost all items in use and in my stash, so I can record the value of emptied products (I will save for myself the value of my stash).

So, in April, I used up skincare products in value of 180,74 USD or 156,56 EUR.

Till next time, stay healthy and beautiful!


  1. That’s a lot of empties! It takes me forever to use up skincare, even when I use minis. Good luck with with your decrease project!

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    1. Thank you! Meanwhile, I emptied few more minis for my next post 🙂

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  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Yikes, the Mamonde Petal Spa Oil doesn’t sound too good, does it? I would have had high hopes too though, just from the fancy sound of the name alone! Thanks for the heads up, that’ll be one to avoid. I am pretty curious about Drunk Elephant stuff though. Never tried it before but I love the name. I swear most of the things I buy are just because of the name! 😂

    Caz xx

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    1. Mamonde cleansing oil was quite disappointing for me. However, what it doesn’t work for me, can always work for somebody else 🙂
      Concerning Drunk Elephant, I have tried so far their Hydra-B hydrating serum which is an average serum, not worth the money, I have tried also C-firma, vitamin C serum which went bad in a blink of an eye. The only product I like is their F-balm, overnight mask.

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