Skincare stash decrease project – winter update 9

While I’m preparing my 2021 inventory post for skincare stash decrease project, like the one I posted in February last year, I would like to share with you my winter empties.

If you follow my blog, you might have noticed that I didn’t write about emptied products since November 2020. So, this is my first seasonal empties overview (I did something similar for August and September).

This will be a long one, so I thank you in advance for your patience and attention. This is my winter full of empties 🙂

DHC Deep cleansing oil – Although this oil is thicker than the cleansing oils I normally use, I still like it. It glides nicely on the skin while breaking down efficiently the spf, makeup, dirt. It emulsifies nicely and rinses off completely without leaving a greasy residue. The only issue I have with this cleansing oil is the fact that it blurs my sight when used for removing the eye makeup. I still think this is great cleansing oil and I will probably repurchase it.

Pixi Double cleanse x Caroline Hirons – This is really quite an impressive cleanser. It is very practical since both components needed for double cleansing are in the same packaging, which makes it very travel-friendly (not that I travelled a lot lately LOL). The first cleansing phase is the balm which is excellent, melts perfectly on the skin, is extremely effective in removing makeup, dirt, spf and washes of easily and neatly without blurring the sight. The second phase of cleansing is the cream that has such a pleasant texture, doesn’t foam too much and feels nice on the skin. Once it is removed, the skin feels so soft and smooth. The only downside of this cleanser is the price / quantity ratio. Although it is travel friendly being in the same packaging, you get less product that you would normally get if you would buy the cleansers separately. And honestly it is not that affordable since it costs 24 GBP. I used this cleanser along with my other ones, otherwise I would have probably emptied this long time ago. I’m really glad I tried this, but I do not think I will repurchase.

Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel – I got this gel cleanser in one on my Advent calendars. It is nice cleansing gel that doesn’t foam too much or dry the skin and it is still effective as a second cleanser or as the morning cleanser. It has a nice, jelly texture that is a bit on thicker side. It spreads nicely, feels really pleasant on the skin. It has that distinctive Oskia scent to it (just like Oskia Renaissance mask). I like it this cleanser and I will probably repurchase it once my stash is decreased.

Drunk Elephant Beste No 9 jelly cleanser – Unlike Oskia’s cleanser, I wasn’t quite impressed with this cleanser (which goes for almost all Drunk Elephant products). Once this cleanser is washed off, my skin would feel really tight and it felt like it was drying me out, which does not happen to me too often. On the bright side, I only had a small tube and went through it rather quickly. I would not purchase a full size product.

Neogen Dermalogy Green Tea Real fresh cleansing stick – I finally emptied this cleansing stick which lasted for a really, but really long time. I didn’t use it every single day, since I like to switch between the cleansers and so to say stir my cleansing routine every now and then. This is a decent second cleanser that feels comfortable on the skin, it is not drying even if its ph-factor is rather high (if I remember well). It doesn’t foam to much, it is effective in removing the traces of first cleanser and everything else that might remain after the first cleansing step. It is very travel-friendly since there is no possibility of product leakage. I did experience slight eye burning, but not always. The thing that bothered me is actually its soapy smell that had a certain psychological effect on me in the sense that it made me think that it could dry my skin, although in reality it is not drying at all (I know, I’m a bit crazy). I used it as a second cleanser, but also as my morning cleanser if I exaggerated with my routine the previous night. All in all, this is a decent cleanser, but I don’t think I would repurchase.

Versed Just breathe clarifying serum – This niacianamide serum was the first Versed product I tried. It is watery and thus it has a perfect texture for my routines. I’m aware that I repeated this sentence for too many times, but I really appreciate the watery texture when speaking of niacinamide serums, since I use them as first step of my night routine. Actually it is so watery, you could think it is a toner. Besides the texture I really liked, I also like the serum itself since it is not sticky and it doesn’t have any side effects (redness, stinging). It is absorbed nicely and I could continue quickly with the rest of my routine. I have purchased now some Kbeauty serums, as well as niacinamide from Good Molecules, but I will definitely repurchase this one.

Medik8 C-tetra serum – This is an excellent vitamin C serum with texture I’m actually not used to have with this kind of serums. It has a wonderful texture of a dry oil which makes the skin velvety. It is absorbed rapidly. It is very comfortable to use and causes no reactions like redness, tightening feeling, stinging, and at the same time, it gives freshness, natural shine and brightens the skin. Since it is nicely absorbed, it works well with the rest of my routine. It is packed in a dark brown bottle which prevents the penetration of light and thus protects the product. I emptied this bottle within 3 months and it didn’t go bad, it kept the same texture, colour and the scent. I will definitely repurchase and I would like to try other Medik8 vitamin C serums.

Garden of Wisdom C Deep vitamin C serum – This is good serum containing vitamin C. Just like my previous serum mentioned above (Medik8 C-tetra), it is also an oil based serum, but this one from GoW takes quite a while to sink in the skin. Because of that, it wasn’t convenient for my morning skin routines when I was in a hurry. I had no reactions what so ever to it, no redness, no itching, no stinging, anything. Taking into account that it really took a while to absorb, it made me simplify my morning routine, so I ended up using only this serum and sunscreen and actually this wasn’t a bad combo at all. The skin looks fresh and brightened. Just like other GoW serums I tried (niacinamide one), it really has a lousy packaging which “spits” the content. The only good thing with this packaging is that it is almost opaque and thus prevents the sun / light to degrade the serum. I don’t think I will repurchase.

Hylamide SubQ Skin – This is great cocktail serum. I call it cocktail, because, besides copper peptides, it contains 5 sorts of hyaluronic acid and some other nice and beneficial ingredients. It is lightweight serum which is nicely absorbed and not sticky. I was using it in both of my routines, in the morning and in the evening. It smooths the skin, it plumps it, gives it a certain volume and makes it softer. I can highly recommend this serum to all of those who didn’t get along well with The Ordinary Buffet or Buffet with copper peptides, since the formulation of this serum is much more elegant and the feeling it provides is more comfortable from what you get from those 2 serums. Hylamide is definitely one step up from The Ordinary. I have already bought a backup bottle.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid + B5 – I introduced this HA serum in my routine at the same time I introduced Nuface mini device and I used it exclusively in that part of the routine. This serum is jelly like, I was applying it on the watery toners and on top of it, I was putting the combo of aloe gel (Holika Holika) and Nuface primer. When I emptied this bottle, I noticed that it was actually this serum that was causing the goopines and stickiness and it was not aloe gel or Nuface primer. Aside the stickiness, otherwise it is nice product containing hyaluronic acid to which my skin usually reacts nicely. The skin feels fuller, plumper and very hydrated. I think that I will not repurchase this hyaluronic acid serum because of the stickiness.

The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5% – This is the usual The Ordinary formulation that relies mostly on 1 skincare ingredient. This serum has a dark red color which is not the result of some artificial colorant since it comes from the ingredient itself. It does stain my skin a bit, but once it is absorbed this stain disappears. This product is oily, but it sinks in really fast. At the beginning, I was using it sporadically, but once I started to apply it often, I went through this 15ml bottle very fast although little goes a long way and it only takes 2-3 drops to treat whole face. Besides the fact this is an antioxidant, I was attracted to this product by the claims that it revives the vitamin C that oxidized. I cannot confirm or dispute this claim since I didn’t test it for those purposes. At the beginning, I was using it on the days when I was not applying my vitamin C serum, and then, towards the bottom of the bottle, I started to use simultaneously with it. Unlike other TO anti-oxidants (like EUK134), this one is really a “no-brainer” since it has no conflicts with other ingredients and it is really easy to incorporate it in the routine. Once absorbed, it really worked well under my bb cream or foundation. As far as the results go, I consider this more like an inner skin support rather than something that would demonstrate some results that can be noticed visually. I will now open EUK134, but I will definitely repurchase Pycnogenol.

Purito Centella Green level unscented spf50 – I think this is one of the most unpopular and most mentioned sunscreens during past months. I managed to empty this tube on the exact same day the drama about the results of its spf emerged. Although I liked to use this sunscreen during the winter since it is nicely absorbed and cosmetically really elegant, I will not repurchase it due to the fact that its spf might be 19 instead of 50 declared. I did not use it during the summer, but my sister had an issue with it while we were on the beach. Although she reapplied it often and in sufficient quantity, her forehead suffered a sun burn. I felt guilty since she had used my sunscreen. At the same time, I used Anessa’s milk with spf50 and I had no issues what so ever.

Klairs Soft Airy uv essence – Until the drama mentioned above, this Klairs spf was my favourite sunscreen. I like how it is absorbed and how it feels on the skin, I like the finish, the fact that it has no cast and leave no greasy residue. However, ever since I read that the same laboratory that formulated Purito, also created this sunscreen, I have lots of doubts and I’m constantly wondering if my skin is well protected, if I will get burned (although I didn’t experience any of these issues). I still have one tube in my stash, but I will leave it for next autumn/winter and will use other sunscreens like Anessa, Supergoop, etc.

Klavuu White pearlsation ideal backstage cream spf30 – This was a small tube with really long name and it looks like the most complicated product name I have ever come across. This is thick, tinted sunscreen. It has a pinkish hue to it and it looks more like the lightest Asian bb cream, than like a sunscreen. It is spread nicely, but it leaves a white cast that doesn’t disappear very quickly. It does have a tone-up effect that evens a skin, but also gives it a nice dewy look. It feels comfortable on the skin. However, because of the white cast, I didn’t like it at the beginning, but once I got used to this cast, I became fond of it and loved the polished and evened look that this pinkish cream left.

Easydew DW-EGF premium cream – Although this is a small 15ml tube, it lasted for quite a while, because I used it on and off. I wasn’t using it during summer since it is was a bit heavy for my taste although it is not as greasy as other moisturizers you could have in mind when speaking of heavy moisturizers. It has a thick texture, but still not too thick, it doesn’t feel moisturizing at all, so I suppose this is why I didn’t use it during the summer. It is nourishing and it sinks nicely in the skin. I was using it in my night routine and in the morning my skin felt really nourished, looked and felt elastic and it had a nice, healthy shine. As its name says, it contains EGF (Epidermal growth factor) which apparently has some benefits like reducing visible signs of aging, speeding up of healing processes in the skin, stimulating the cell turnover, etc. Since I used it on and off, I couldn’t confirm those claims and that’s why I would buy a bigger size and use it during the longer period to investigate some of those claims.

Haruharu Wonder honey green aqua – I’m so happy I finally got rid of this terrible moisturizer. It is one of the worst Kbeauty items I have tried so far and trust me, I have tried plenty. It is gel like moisturizer which sinks nicely into the skin. When I bought it, I thought this would probably be a perfect summer time moisturizer. It is not moisturizing enough, not even during the summer. When I used it as last step of my night skincare routine, I had to get up during the night to put an additional layer of something on it, since my skin felt terribly dry and tight. It is heavily scented and smells like whole bottle of citrusy oils was poured into the tube. Since I do not like to throw the skincare away, I used it as a hand cream, but it is not good enough even for the hands. I will definitely not buy it ever again.

Atrue Spring green tea watery calming cream – If only I had access to this moisturizer now, I would buy it immediately despite the big stash of moisturizers I currently have. This is a great moisturizer!! It sinks in nicely and fast and has lightweight texture. Despite this light and fluffy texture which provides such deep hydration, it is also so surprisingly nourishing. I was using it throughout the summer, but since in its case, a little really goes a longway, I elongated the use throughout autumn and winter and I found it equally good and effective as it was in the summer. The skin was plump, hydrated, replenished. I love it and I’m so sad that I cannot buy it for the moment.

The Inkey List Retinol eye cream – This eye cream was one of my big discoveries for 2020. And I forgot to include it in the post about my skincare in 2020. Although the packaging says that it targets the age 25+ (and I’ve obviously passed that number a long, long time ago), it still works on my 40+ eye area. Before I purchased it, I read some bad reviews which said that they had issues with texture and that the oil was separating from emulsion, but I had none of this issues. This eye cream is lightweight, sinks in nicely. I didn’t feel any tingling or burning or anything that may be caused by use of retinol. A little goes a long way and this small tube lasted for 5 months with regular application each night. My eye area is polished and smooth, without any wrinkles. And on top of all, it is cheap. For the moment, I’m using other eye cream, but I will definitely go back to this little jewel.

Lixirskin Vitamin C paste – I love this quick-shot face mask. When I used it for the first time, I was completely mesmerized by its effect on my skin. My skin looked shinny, radiant, evened and extremely brightened and it felt so smooth. The application is easy since the mask spreads even and nicely and you need only 2-3 minutes before you washed it off. This first impression, the shine and radiance, diminished a bit with further masking, but it is still an excellent face mask. The only negative thing with this mask is its funky scent which is a bit strange and unpleasant, but eventually I got used to it. I have bought now another vitamin C mask, but I will definitely repurchase this Lixirskin mask.

Peter Thomas Roth Rose stem cell bio repair mask – I honestly do not know is it me or those PTR masks, but I see no benefit what so ever from these rather expensive masks. The result I got from this one is similar to what I would get if I put the ordinary aloe gel. It hydrates and that’s about it.

Cosrx Low ph BHA overnight mask – This is a very good sleeping mask, it is rather thick and nourishing, but it is still easily spread. It locks nicely the routine, I feel like it pushes in the layers I have previously put and thus helps their absorption. I must say that, from all sleeping masks I have tried so far, this one left my skin the smoothest and softest in the morning. I guess this softness is the result of the BHA which can be found in small percentage in its inci list (I think it has 0,2% of BHA in it). This is small percentage for its “regular” tasks and claims (and of course this sleeping mask is not marketed as an acid), but it probably still contains enough to make my skin so soft. I think I will not repurchase again since it seems to me that it was discontinued meanwhile.

Stay tuned since next week I will do the stash inventory post for my 2021 stash decrease project.

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!

Skincare stash decrease project – update 8

Here is my latest update about my skincare stash decrease project for 2020. Unlike my last post that gave an overview for 2 months, this post will not contain lots of products.

I’m From Rice Toner – At the beginning, I loved this toner since it was really soothing and brightening at the same time. It was also making my skin very supple. However, the closer I was getting to the bottom of the bottle, more my enthusiasm was diminishing. I still think this is nice toner, but I do not think it is great. I do not have any important complaints since it delivers nicely, it is not irritating, it absorbs well, it doesn’t leave any residue. It is just that I’m not that much into this toner anymore. Maybe I will purchase it in the future.

Pyunkang Yul Mist toner – this is one of my 2 favourite watery toners. It is very hydrating, it provides nice refreshment to the skin. It is very runny and therefore it slips easily between the fingers so you need to be very careful if you do not want to spill the product. It is absorbed perfectly and nicely and leaves no residue, but only a happy skin. I really like it and sometimes I put few layers of it. I cannot remember how many bottles I emptied so far. I will repurchase it.

Alpha-H Vitamin B with copper peptides – I bought this serum mostly because it contains vitamin B in its inci list. I must admit that I bought it on a whim and it was only later that I realised that it also contaied copper peptides. Due to that, it was rather challenging to incorporate it into my routine, since copper-peptides do not work well together with some ingredients I usually put in my night routine (acids, retinoids). Because of that, I was alternating it with other niacinamide serum. When I started to use this serum, I turned it into my prime suspect for the breakouts I had on my cheeks in August, so I put it aside for some time. I never break out, I didn’t even have skin troubles during puberty. However, I realised that it was just an unfortunate coincidence with my PMS which makes me break out maybe once in 6 or 7 months. This serum has a jelly texture and is more on a thicker side. This texture was something that I didn’t like since I prefer watery niacinamide serums. On top of that, this serum is really sticky and it takes a while before it is absorbed in the skin. Like all copper-peptides serum, it has a distinctive blue colour and metallic scent that is not unpleasant; I simply do not like it. I will not repurchase this serum.

Tonymoly Bio-ex Cell peptide serum – I only had this serum in pouches and not in regular packaging, so it was dragging around my stash for quite a while and I frankly forgot about it. I really enjoy in this ampoule every time I used it, since it makes my skin velvety and firm (at least it feels firmer upon application). It has a gel texture and it is not too thick, glides nicely on the skin, sinks in elegantly and doesn’t leave any sticky or tacky residue. I quite like it. However, I will probably not repurchase in this form of pouches. I would think about full size product.

Herbivore bakuchiol – When making my skincare stash inventory in February, I “classified” this product as an oil, since all products in Herbivore set I had were oils. Actually this is serum and it is very nice one. This is not the first bakuchiol product I have tried so far. I tested also The Inkey List bakuchiol which is a lotion/moisturizer type of product. You probably know that bakuchiol is marketed as a botanical retinol, an extract that mimics the effects of retinol. I’m not sure I would go so far when it comes to claims, but my skin was really smooth and toned after using this serum. It is not irritating, it is not sticky, it is really nice serum. I wish only I had bigger bottle . I would repurchase for sure, but I think it is discontinued.

Herbivore Lapis – this is another oil from Herbivore set I purchased a long time ago. I read some reviews that Herbivore’s products tend to go bad rather quickly due to the fact that do not contain preservatives. I didn’t have this issues with my Herbivore oils. It is thicker than Herbivore’s bakuchiol, but still very pleasant to use since it is absorbed nicely and it doesn’t leave any oily or greasy residue. It layers nicely overtop of any serums that I use. Although it is an oil, it is pretty hydrating, which can be quite surprising feature for an oil. Just like any other oil, I use it in my night routine and I wake up in the morning with a glowy and healthy looking skin. However, it is always a question whether this oil is worth a price since this glow and healthy look can also be achieved with oils that are far less expensive than this one.

Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Restoring moisturiser SPF50 trial – When I first applied this sunscreen, it crossed my mind that I might have found my HG western sunscreen. As it is often the case, the first impressions can be deceiving. I must say that I liked almost everything about this sunscreen. It has a texture of a lotion, glides nicely on the skin, is blended easily and has almost no cast. Once absorbed it leaves the skin smooth with a velvety finish. And than we come to one thing, actually the only thing that I didn’t like and it is the fact that it pills of the skin. I tried to apply it on different routines, I played with the quantity of sunscreen I applied and to my big disappointment, the result was always the same: it pilled off in small white bits. I will not repurchase it!

Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen spf50 PA++++ 20ml – This sunscreen is one of my biggest discoveries of 2020. It is the best sunscreen I have tried so far. It has chemical filters and this is 2020 edition that I purchased. It has beautiful texture, glides nicely on the skin, it is not drying or greasy, it is just perfect! The skin is velvety once it is absorbed. It has a minimal cast that disappears quickly. I tried it on the beach and it provides sufficient protection. And of course, it works excellent with my makeup (I have tried it under Missha Perfect cover bb cream. Nars Pure radiant tinted moisturizer and Estee Lauder Futurist hydro)- I will definitely repurchase.

Innisfree Capsule recipe pack – This was one-shot mask that hydrates and refreshes the skin. The effect is pretty much the same as what I get from regular aloe gel. I buy those masks from time to time on Iherb as shipping saver, otherwise I do not honestly think that I would repurchase.

So in October, I emptied: 2 toners / 2 acid & active treatments / 2 sunscreens / 2 oils / 1 mask.

October total:  9 empties + 2 sheet masks

Yearly total: 77 empties + 43 sheet masks

And once again, I bought some new products and broke my nobuy, but this time is quite a big increase. Here is what I purchased / received during October: Oskia Super C-Smart Nutrient capsules, Garden of Wisdom C-Deep Vitamin C, Garden of Wisdom Alpha arbutin 2% and Kojic acid 1%, Secret Key Aloe toner, Melano CC serum, Blithe Tundra chaga mini 10ml, Versed Doctor’s Instant resurfacing mask, Versed The Fix emergency eye mask, Phyto Niacin whitening essence, Morningstar Minerals Derma boost rejuvenating spray mist

So, at the end of October 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 12 cleansers
  • 14 toners and mists
  • 23 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 9 serums / ampoules
  • 3 emulsions
  • 20 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 8 facial oils
  • 18 masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 85 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!

Skincare stash decrease project – update 7

I’m here again with another update about my 2020 skincare stash decrease project. You might have noticed that in August I haven’t posted anything, so this is going to be an overview of 2-months empties for August and September. Unlike June and July, I really have a lot empties to talk about. So without further ado, let’s see my cosmetic trash.

Sioris Time is running out mist – this was love at first spritz!! It is great double phased mist that has a watery and oily phase. When shaken up, it creates a perfect, fine mist that refreshes skin and envelops it in a nice hydrating cloud. I used it in my morning routine before hyaluronic acid products, but also during a day to provide a hydrating boost to the skin. And I cannot forget the scent. It smells divine!! I loved it and will repurchase for sure!!

Scinic Snail matrix skin – Together with Cosrx 96 snail essence, this is my favorite product with snail mucin. It is wonderful, hydrating toner whose texture is on a thicker side, but it glides beautifully on the skin, it is absorbed perfectly and completely and provides a nice refreshment to the skin. I have used it for “sandwiching” my Hada Labo premium lotion, and I have been using it lately as a layer under Indeed Labs Hydraluron. This toner complemented nicely both of these products. I will really miss it in my routine. I will repurchase for sure.

Keep Cool & Soothe Bamboo toner – this is my new favorite hydrating toner. I even like it better than Pyunkang Yul mist toner which was my favorite watery toner for a very long time. This toner contains 85% of bamboo water which is great for hydrating and soothing the sensitive skin. It is nicely absorbed while providing to the skin such a nice burst of hydration. I really feel like this toner penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and thus keeps my skin happy, hydrated and plump. I will repurchase again!!

Mizon AHA/BHA toner – I have already emptied few of these. I use it before my acids, including my serums with vitamin C. I feel like it gives such a nice boost to those products without being harsh to my skin. I have already purchased a backup bottle.

Timeless C + E ferulic – I really enjoyed using this serum. This bottle lasted around 4 months and I kept it in the fridge for whole time. It has very watery texture, it is by far the runniest vitamin C serum I have ever tried. This watery texture makes it very difficult to handle, so I was literally applying it drop by drop. I like the glow and shine it gives to my skin and the healthy feeling I get after apply it. It does not tingle, burn or irritate the skin in any way. I was using it in my morning routine. I will repurchase it.

Dr Jart Peptidin blue – This is nice peptide serum. It has a light, jelly texture, like a light emulsion. It has a hint of blue hue, it is not scented. Although it contains lavander oil, I didn’t detect that scent (which, by the way I hate). The serum is nicely absorbed without being sticky or tacky. It gives certain firmness to the skin if applied on a regular basis. I like it and will probably repurchase it.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron – I bought this serum after reading many raving reviews, but I bought it also because Caroline Hirons recommended it, so I was really curious about it. And they were all right: it is great hyaluronic serum! It has gel-like texture, you need only a small drop to cover face and neck. It is not sticky, tacky, it absorbs quickly and perfectly. The skin is left glowy, plump, hydrated. It makes perfect pair with Caudalie’s Eau de raisin, with some toner or even with a simple thermal water. The only con is that I emptied rather quickly this tube, maybe within a month, since I use hyaluronic acid every single morning. I’m used to Japanese hyaluronic lotions who last for year. Nevertheless, I will repurchase this great hyaluronic serum for sure!

Garden of Wisdom niacinamide – I was so happy when I finished this niacinamide serum. Although by its content, it belongs to “weaker” niacinamide serums (it contains 5% of niacinamide), it didn’t feel like it. It was quite the opposite, it felt very strong and I was affraid it would dry my skin completely. It is recommended to wait for 1 minute after the application before you apply your next step. However, after only 15-20 seconds my face would feel so tight and dry that applying next step would be such a relief. Other than that, I must also say that the packaging is awfull. The plastic pump literally spits the product out. I will obviously not repurchase it again.

Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide booster – I really liked this niacinamide serum / booster. I was using it as 1st step in my evening routine, as I always do with niacinamide serums. Thus, its watery texture is perfect for my routine. It is absorbed in quickly and completely, leaves no residue. I didn’t experience any redness or tingling or burning which sometimes happens with this kind of serums. After the bad experience I had with Garden of Wisdom niacinamide, this serum felt like a real treat to my skin and gave it such a relief. I emptied this 20ml bottle rather quickly since I was using it every night. Taking into account that it costs around 50 EUR for 20ml, I must admit that this is not a very affordable choice. Otherwise, I love it!

Celimax Nooni ampoule – This is a good, hydrating little serum. I use the word little since I think it is alright, but nothing more or less. It does no harm to my skin, but apart an instant refreshment, I do not honestly see any additional benefit of using this serum.  I like its scent, it is herbal and kind of relaxing and therapeutical. This serum isn’t something that is indispensable for my routine or something that I will miss.  I will not repurchase it.

Real Barrier Essence mist – This is nice mist that is on a thicker side. It didn’t suit me as a 1st step, but it was a perfect choice for “sandwich” with hyaluronic acid product. This mist locks in the hyaluron and its moisture nicely. Since I only had a 30ml bottle, I emptied it rather quickly. I do not think I will give it another try.

I’m from Fig cleansing balm – This is nice cleansing balm. It looks like it is on a heavier, thicker side, but once you start massaging it between the fingers, it melts easily. It is not greasy, it disolves and removes the makeup and dirt easily. It is easily washed off. Although I always use the separate eye makeup remover, I test each cleansing balm on my eyes. It is effective in removing eye makeup, but it does blur the sight a bit. I still like this balm and will probably repurchase it.

Nooni Re-cover pads – The packaging contained 7 exfoliating discs since it is intended for a week of use. However, I used them during longer period, since I do not use any exfoliating product on a daily basis. These are very mild exfoliating pads that refresh the complexion and are not irritating or tingling, but honestly when it comes to exfoliation I didn’t notice a big effect. I will not repurchase.

Glamglow Supermud cleansing treatment – I got this tube in some beauty box or in an Advent calendar. Since I used it only once in 2 weeks and only on my T-zone, this 15 ml tube lasted for ages. At first, I struggled to find an appropriate quantity of mask. If I put a thin layer, it would dry down in a second and my whole face felt very tight. On the other hand, if I put a thicker layer, it would take ages to dry down and it was very difficult to wash it off. Once I found the appropriate quantity, I really liked this mask since it removed few blackheads I have and it made my skin very clean and clear. If I could find another small tube, I would purchase again.

I emptied 2 sunscreens: Ducray Melascreen Creme legere and Supergoop Unseen sunscreen. I was satisfied with Ducray Melascreen at first. However, after I emptied maybe 2/3 of tube, it started to burn my skin upon application. It was really unpleasant feeling so I didn’t even go through the whole tube. On the other hand, Supergoop’s Unseen sunscreen is great. It is a yellow transparent gel which leaves no white cast at all, just like the name says, it is unseen. It is spread nicely, it is absorbed quickly and acts like a perfect primer for my bb cream and foundation. I have already repurchased a new small tube.

During last 2 months I emptied only 9 sheet masks. At the same time, I bought few ones, so my stash increased and decreased at the same time.

I also gifted 1 moisturizer (Elemis Pro-collagen marine cream).

August/September total:  16 empties + 9 sheet masks

Yearly total: 68 empties + 41 sheet masks

Just like past months, I did cheat a bit and I purchased some things: Klairs Daily skin hydrating water 500ml, I’m From Mugwort mask, Derma-E Firming DMAE serum Alpha lipoic acid and C-ester, Versed Just Breathe clarifying serum, Olival Micro-exfoliant with vitamin H and salicilic acid (local Croatian product), Alpha-H Vitamin B serum and another Supergoop Unseen sunscreen spf30 (15ml).

So, at the end of September 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 12 cleansers
  • 14 toners and mists
  • 20 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 8 serums / ampoules
  • 3 emulsions
  • 22 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 10 facial oils
  • 18 masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 87 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!

Skicare stash decrease project – update 6

Hello everybody!

I’m here with the latest update of my skincare stash decrease project I started in February. Honestly, I thought I would be more efficient in emptying my stash than last month, but I wasn’t and only have few empties this time.

So, without further ado, here are my latest empties:

Botanic Farm Grain Ferment cleansing sherbet – Although I liked this balm cleanser at the very beginning, the more I used it, the less I liked it. It has a nice texture that melts easily and is very pleasant to use, but it is not as effective as I hoped it would be. It wasn’t removing my makeup completely as other cleansing balms did.  I will not repurchase.

Tatcha The Deep cleanse – When I opened this cleanser, I had in mind to apply it each day as a 2nd cleanser in my night routine, However, when I started to use it, I ditched that idea due to the fact that this cleanser contains some beads that reminded me of a scrub. Although this is really mild cleanser and it didn’t cause any dryness or irritation, I didn’t want to use it every single day just because of those beads. The cleanser is otherwise great, very effective, pleasant to use, it is easily washed off, doesn’t sting the eyes, a little goes a long way. It is not foaming a lot, it turns into a nice emulsion that gently cleanses the skin. I really loved this cleanser so I will probably repurchase it.

Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Premium lotion – this hyaluronic acid lotion (Japanese word for toner) is one of my favourite products in general. I think this is my 3rd bottle and basically it was and is my companion throughout my Asian beauty journey (almost since the beginning). The first one was Kohaku hada lotion. Hada Labo is perfect hyaluronic lotion. It is not watery, it is more like a lightweight gel that sinks in the skin fast and leaves no residue what so ever while perfectly hydrating the skin, making it plump and healthy. I paired this lotion with Keep cool and soothe bamboo toner and sandwich it under Scinic Matrix snail skin. It was a perfect combo!! I don’t have to mention that is really an affordable product since you need only few drops for one application and the bottle lasts forever, around a year or even longer. I will definitely repurchase.

Blithe Crystal Iceplant pressed serum – Unlike his more powerful “brother” Tundra Chaga pressed serum, this serum cannot replace two products in my routine. However, I still love this serum. It provides delightful, lightweight, hydrating care for my skin and it is a perfect summer serum due to its gel like texture. Depending on the needs of my skin, sometimes I applied a thinner and sometimes a thicker layer so I managed to empty this jar in 2 months. It sinks in fast and flawlessly without leaving a sticky or tacky residue. I was applying this serum in my morning routine before a sunscreen. It didn’t pill of my face or didn’t cause the pilling of my spf. I will repurchase for sure.

Benton Fermentation eye cream – I got this eye cream in Iherb Kbeauty discovery bag. Although it has nice fluffy, light texture, it wasn’t so easy to handle it / massage it. I really had to do some effort to rub it in. It was really a bit weird feeling. Otherwise, it is pleasant, hydrating. I cannot tell if it works for wrinkles or lines, since I didn’t have it for a long time. I do not think I will repurchase it.

CNP Green propolis ampoule – I must say that I didn’t like at all the texture of this propolis ampoule which is really thick. When you combine this thick texture and the pipette that comes with the product, you obtain the terrible combo. It is almost impossible to dose this ampoule with it. This ampoule nourishes nicely the skin, but leaves a sticky, tacky residue on the skin, which doesn’t disappear for quite a while. I wouldn’t repurchase a full size product.

Klairs Soft airy uv essence spf50– This is one of my favourite sunscreens. It is great spf cream with chemical filters. It is not greasy, it sinks in completely and flawlessly so I use it both as a last step of my routine on my no makeup days, but also under my makeup. It works great with my Missha Perfect cover bb cream. I have already repurchased a backup.

In July I emptied: 2 cleansers / 1 toner / 2 serums / 1 sunscreen / 1 eye cream

I used only 4 sheet masks, so the stash didn’t change a lot.

July total:  7 empties + 4 sheet masks

Yearly total: 52 empties + 32 sheet masks

I purchased again some things, mostly sunscreens: The Inkey List Retinol eye cream, Klairs Soft airy uv essence spf 50, Shiseido Anessa Perfect sunscreen milk spf50 (20ml) and Supergoop Unseen sunscreen spf30 (15ml).

So, at the end of July 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 13 cleansers
  • 17 toners and mists
  • 22 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 10 serums / ampoules
  • 3 emulsions
  • 24 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 10 facial oils
  • 18 masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 91 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!



Skincare stash decrease project – update 5

So once again, I’m here with another empties post, but this time, it will be the post with the least emptied products ever since I started my skincare stash decrease project in February. I hope that I will be more productive in July when it comes to emptying the products.

Here are my June empties:

Garden of Wisdom Niacinamide serum – Since I use the niacinamide every day in my night-time routine, I went through this bottle rather quickly. Although this serum contains lower percentage of niacinamide (only 5%) compared to some other niacinamide serums I have tried so far, I must say that it feels pretty strong on my skin. Honestly, I thought it would dry me out which doesn’t happen so often. After you apply the serum, it is recommended to wait 30s before continuing with the rest of your routine.  The serum sinks in very fast, but the tightening feeling it causes after 15-20s is pretty strong and uncomfortable.  Besides the feeling that I do not like, I must also say that the packaging is terrible. The pump is very bad and it literally spits the serum. I will not repurchase.

Dr Ceuracle Royal vita propolis ampoule – this propolis ampoule was really a breath of a fresh air in the category of propolis ampoules compared to its predecessor (Elensilia propolis ampoule) which was terribly sticky. This ampoule has really a light texture,  sinks in perfectly into the skin without leaving  sticky or tacky residue. It hydrates and nourishes the skin and gives it a nice glow. I really enjoyed using it. I was mostly using it in my night routine, under a moisturizer or sleeping pack. The only downside is the size of bottle which is 15ml so it makes it a little bit expensive, but I would still repurchase it.


La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 – this is really a skin saviour when I experience some redness, irritations, skin sensitivity. It provides the instant relief to the skin which is sensitised by retinoids. I do not use on a daily basis, as it can be a bit greasy for my skin, especially now in the summer.

Ausome Rehydrating double mist – This is nice, byphase mist that I sometimes used as a toner and sometimes as a mist. It smells nice, it refreshes and hydrates the skin. I prefer the mists that contain a bit of oil than regular thermal waters which tend to leave my skin thirsty once they sink into the skin. I use those mostly on the beach. I must commend the packaging and the sprayer because it makes such lovely mist. I think of leaving the bottle, wash it and use it for some other products. When it comes to mist itself, I’m not sure if I will repurchase it again.

Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey cream– I was really happy when I bought those 3 mini jars, since I wanted to try this moisturizer even since I started to explore Kbeauty world. The texture is very thick, balmy and waxy, but it glides really nicely on the skin. I thought that it would take forever before it sinks in, but it really absorbs very fast. I was using it as a last step of my night routine since there is no need to use anything else on top of it. It is really nourishing, it creates likes a protective film, but it doesn’t feel like I have a mask on my face which happened sometimes with this kind of moisturizer. I still have 2 mini jars, but I will repurchase it for sure.

Innisfree capsule recipe pack (aloe) – I dropped this in my basket as a shipping saver on Iherb. This feels and acts like an aloe gel. It is thin and spreads well, it is not sticky. I used the content of this jar in one shot and it was a really thicker layer. I could have easily used it in two occasions. It provides nice hydration.  I will maybe try some other type of this pack next time.

I also emptied few products that were not counted in my skincare stash inventory and in my empties: Goodal Green Tangerine C vita pads and Klavuu Nourishing lip sleeping mask, which I quite like both and will purchase again. I really liked Goodal Green Tangerine vita C pads unlike the serum from the same line. I alternated the pads with my vitamin C serum in the morning routine and they were quite refreshing.

Besides the emptied products, I gifted 1 toner (Tonymoly Mocchi ceramide toner).

In June, I emptied 2 toners and mists/ 1 acid & active treatment / 1 serum / 1 moisturizer / 1 wash-off mask.

And once again, I used 5 sheet masks, but since I bought 4 of them, the stash didn’t change a lot.

June total:  7 empties + 5 sheet masks

Yearly total : 45 empties + 28 sheet masks

I purchased again some things (shame on me): NIOD Superoxide dismutase sachharide mist, The Ordinary Buffet + copper peptides, La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 and Medik8 C-tetra serum and 4 sheet masks. I got as a gift DHC Deep cleansing oil.

So, at the end of June 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 15 cleansers
  • 18 toners and mists
  • 22 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 12 serums / ampoules
  • 3 emulsions
  • 22 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 10 facial oils
  • 18 masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 95 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!


Skincare stash decrease project – update 4

Hello everybody!

This is the 4th update of my 2020 skincare stash decrease project.

For the reference, I’m 44 years old, with normal skin, which is acting little bit weird lately and tends to be somewhat sensitive (I suppose that comes with the number 44). I do not have wrinkles, besides the horizontal ones on my forehead and these are my companions ever since I was 12 years old. For those who watched the cartoon Smurfs, I was always like the Grouchy smurf when I was teenager and that’s where my forehead wrinkles come from. I started to use the retinoids few months ago, not a Retin A, but some milder and weaker form, A313, Vitamin A pommade. I have been struggling with Sebhorreic dermatitis for years, but it hasn’t appeared on my face for years now.

Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm – this cleansing balm is thick balm, it melts well, it is effective in removing the makeup, dirt, spf. It doesn’t leave the greasy residue on the skin, it is washed off nicely, but my overall impression is that I still prefer my Farmacy Green clean to this Clinique’s balm. I will probably buy it from time to time.

Darphin Lumiere essentielle – micellar cleanser – this is a gel-type second cleanser, it is really pleasant to use, non-aggressive or drying. It does its job pretty decently (it does everything what a good second cleanser is supposed to do), washes off nicely without any residue.  I honestly do not have any remarks, but on the other hand, I’m not eager to repurchase a full size.

Klavuu White Pearlsation Revitalising Pearl treatment toner – such a star name with all that pearls in it and then again such a boring toner. I’m a little bit disappointed with it, because I honestly did not see any benefit for my skin. It is very viscous and slippery and because of that is very easy to spread, it glides on the skin nicely. This milky lotion is well absorbed and leaves no residue. The ingredient for which this toner could stand out, besides niacinamide, is pearl extract which is beneficial for the skin, but other than some amount of hydration, I didn’t see any additional benefits (brightening, suppleness). What bothered me also is the scent, which is not unpleasant or strong, it is just too artificial. I will not repurchase.

Benton Green tea lotion – Honestly, I bought this emulsion by mistake. Actually I wanted to buy the toner from the same line, but I did my shopping in a very hasty way without paying attention to what I was buying and got this instead of toner. This is really light emulsion, thinner than the average emulsion I tried. When I think of it, I didn’t try too many emulsions. This is not a bad product, it is hydrating, very refreshing, but to tell you the truth, I do not see any special benefit for my skin if I use the emulsion (not only this one, but emulsion in general). When I empty the ones I have, I will not be buying again.

Sidmool Dr Troub niaten – I have already emptied a bottle of this niacinamide serum and have written about it in my Empties post. I really like its watery texture and the way it absorbs into the skin. It calms the redness, brightens the skin, it is not harsh in any way, doesn’t sting or cause irritation. It is perfect choice due its watery textures since I use it as a 1st step in my evening routine. I will repurchase.

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. calming serum – this is one of only few western serums that I really enjoy reintroducing over and over again to my routine. It provides the deep and lasting hydration, it is gentle, well absorbed and in general, very pleasant to use. The only thing I do not like about this serum is that I go through it very quickly (if I use it morning and evening, it lasts less than a month). I will repurchase it for sure.

Sunday Riley Juno Antioxidant + superfood oil – This is such a great, luxury oil blend!  I love it!! It contains 9 high-quality cold-pressed oils (blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, grape seed oil, black cumin and some other oils). This oil delivers moisture and nourishment at the same time and it makes my skin healthy and juicy giving it such a nice glow. I enjoyed in every single drop of this luxury treat. I will repurchase it for sure!

Isntree Bifida TW-real eye cream – Since I opened this eye cream right after I emptied my HG eye cream, Bobbi Brown Extra Repair eye cream, this one had really huge shoes to fill. So I basically didn’t expect much, but I got pleasantly surprised. This eye cream has a gel texture, is nicely spread and absorbs quickly and completely. Due to the silicones in the INCI list, it is occlusive, but is also moisturizing. My eye area didn’t worsen in the sense that some wrinkles reappeared while I was using this eye cream, and it really maintained well the soft look and feel of my eye area. I was mostly applying it in my night routine, but I have also put it few times in my morning routine and it worked well under my Missha BB cream.  I will repurchase it again.

Isntree Rose calming mask –  This is wonderful moisturising and calming wash-off mask. It has a gel-type texture and is infused with rose petals. I applied this mask sometimes once a week and sometimes twice. The instructions say that you are suppose to leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes, but I left it sometimes for even 30 minutes and it never dried out completely. The consistency of the mask is not watery, so it does not drip off the face. To make the rinsing easier, I usually put some water on the face and emulsify it before I start to wash it off properly. After the mask is rinsed off, the skin is soft, nourished, any irritation or redness is gone. The scent of rose is not overwhelming or clingy, I find it very pleasant and this makes the whole masking experience even more lovely. Of course, people who don’t like the rose scent will not like this one either. I have already small tube in my back up (I have bought a set of 4 different Isntree masks).

Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger grass color correcting treatment – or as I love to call it “green cream”. This is second jar I emptied so far. This jar usually lasts around 1 year. I apply it when I don’t feel like using my BB cream. I must admit that lately all I have been using is this cream. Applying this cream requires little bit of practising since you could end up looking like Casper, the friendly ghost, if you go with heavier hand.  For me, the good way to apply it is in dots, massaging and building it up. This is definitely not a first choice if I’m in a hurry. The coverage is light, but still enough for the current look of my skin. It neutralizes redness and evens the skin tone, it feels very nice on the skin. The finish is matte. Taking into account its light coverage, it does start to disappear within few hours, but still in a nice way without any ugly streaks. Now there are small jars available in all shops which sell Dr Jart, which wasn’t the case before, so I will definitely repurchase a smaller jar.

I have managed again to use up some sheet masks. I used 6 of them so I’m really happy to conclude that the stash of my sheet masks finally fell under 100 pcs. As you can see, my sheet masks empties for May are all green. First 2 or 3 were a pure coincidence, but then when I noticed it, I was purposely choosing the sheet masks with green packaging till the end of May.

In May, I emptied: 2 cleansers / 1 toner / 1 active treatment / 1 serum / 1 emulsion / 1 moisturizer / 1 facial oil / 1 wash off mask / 1 eye cream

May total: 10 empties + 6 sheet masks

Yearly total : 38 empties + 23 sheet masks

I must admit that I’ve cheated again and bought few things: I’m from Fig cleansing balm, Zelens Power A oil drop, Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide booster, Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Restoring moisturiser SPF50 trial size.

So, at the end of May 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 14 cleansers
  • 19 toners and mists
  • 21 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 13 serums / ampoules
  • 3 emulsions
  • 22 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 10 facial oils
  • 19 masks
  • 4 eye creams and eye masks
  • 96 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!


Skincare stash decrease project – update 3

Hello everybody!

Here is the third update of my skincare stash decrease project. I’m happy to see that my stash is getting smaller, but there is still a very long road ahead.

When I got the idea about this no-buy regime for 2020, I have already predicted in advance that I would probably “cheat” in April, since my birthday is in April. Also, I usually travel to USA in March or April for a business purposes and this travel usually gives me the opportunity to buy some things I cannot get my hands on easily in Europe. April is finished and I celebrated my birthday in a kind of a lockdown, my business travel to USA was cancelled due to the spread of the Covid-19. However, I did treat myself with few things, mostly makeup and body care and only few skincare items (everything is listed down below).

And here are my April empties.

Eve Lom cleansing balm – this small jar was dragging around my bathroom for quite a while. It is nice balm if used exactly as described on a packaging (cleansing cloth, hot water, cold water), basically it is a cleansing ritual and it is effective. However, if you do not have time and you use it like a regular cleansing balm (massaging, emulsifying with water and washing off), it isn’t that nice. It is thick, greasy and it smells terribly. It leaves a greasy residue and I feel like, despite that greasiness, it dries my skin. I will not repurchase it.

Heimish All clean balm – this small jar will find its spot in 2 of my posts: in the one about what I opened in April, but also in my Empties /update about Skincare stash decrease project. This jar was sufficient for only a week, but it was enough for me to conclude that it wasn’t as bad as I thought back then when I tried it for the first time at the very beginning of my Kbeauty adventure. It is a nice cleansing balm which melts nicely and removes well all the dirt from your face and your spf and makeup. It emulsifies well when you add the water and is easily washed off. I could think of purchasing it from time to time as a replacement for my favorite cleansing balm (Farmacy Green clean).

Oneoseven Low ph chaga cleanser – I really love this 2nd cleanser. It is a gel cleanser, very gentle and yet very effective in removing the remaining dirt or grime or traces of the first cleanser. When you add the water to it, it gives a nice emulsion and it doesn’t foam much. The only thing I didn’t like about this cleanser is a weird smell that probably comes from chaga mushroom (I guess), but it is not clingy and it disappears very quickly. Together with Krave Beauty Matcha hemp cleanser, this is by far my favourite second cleanser when talking about Kbeauty cleansers. I have a stash of second cleansers that I need to empty, but I will repurchase this one for sure.

I’m from Honey mask – After reading so many raving reviews, I had really high hopes for this mask. However, I am not that into it after emptying this jar. I cannot claim however that it is a bad product, but it is not a splendid one either. I struggle in the beginning to find a perfect way to wash it off without rubbing my face too harshly and I found that the best way it washes off is if you add small amount of water to emulsify it and then wash it off. It is a nourishing mask, its consistency and the fact that is made mostly of honey, insures that you can keep it for quite a while on your face. However I didn’t see so much difference or additional benefits if I keep it longer on my face. For me, besides a certain feeling of nourishment which is not a long-term one, I didn’t notice any additional glow or suppleness. Many people enjoy masking with this honey mask, but I’m not one of them.

I’m from Magnolia sleeping pack – The wake essence from I’m from Magnolia line was such a hit from me, so I expected the same from sleeping pack and I was very excited when I managed to get it on Ebay. It is a nice lightweight sleeping pack with jelly texture, which is easily spread and absorbed. It provides a nice hydration and a whim of moisture, it is soothing and in the morning, the skin feels so plump, fresh and hydrated. I didn’t try to cool it in the fridge, but I think it could work wonders if used like that during summer. However, I’m really sad that this product is discontinued (this is the 2nd sleeping pack which I really loved that was discontinued. The first one was my HG from Manyo Factory). I would repurchase it if it was available.

Blithe Tundra Chaga pressed serum – This product is the pure example of why I love Kbeauty. The textures, the products, the ideas they come up with, cannot be found anywhere else in beauty industry. Pressed serum!! I started to use this serum/moisturizer some time last year and I really loved its weird pudding texture that glides nicely and melts into the skin. However, at that time, I had a really elaborate and long routine, so this product and its benefits couldn’t stand out and I put it aside and used it from time to time. When I reintroduced it to my routine end of February, I used in my 4 steps routine which I have now and this multi-tasker blew my mind completely. I used it as last step of my night routine. It plumps the skin, nourishes it, makes it bouncy and the skin looks and feels firmer definitely. I love this and will repurchase for sure!!

Alpha-H daily moisturizer spf50 – this was dragging in my drawers for quite a long time. I decided to put it on trial now during quarantine. It is not thick, glides nicely on the skin, doesn’t have any white cast but it leaves a thin film on the skin and gives it a bit of glow. On the days I put a richer routine under it, it tend to pill a bit. Honestly, I do not think that it could work well with my BB cream or makeup. I will not repurchase this sunscreen.

Dr.Jart+ Every Sun Mild Sun – This one went quickly from Products I opened to Empties since it is a 5ml tube and it lasted only for 4 days. The first impression wasn’t satisfying because of white cast and the fact it made my skin feel dry. However, after I started adding a thin layer of moisturizer, the experience with this physical sunscreen got better and I’m even thinking of buying the full size product.

Laneige Cica sleeping mask – If you maybe read my Empties posts, you could have already seen this sleeping mask. Almost all sleeping masks I tried so far had a jelly texture. This one is more like a moisturizer and I often used it in place of the moisturizer and as the only occlusive in my routine. It is really calming, nourishing and it locks nicely my night routine. I liked it and I will for sure buy the full size product.

Thanks to my 7-days sheet mask challenge, I emptied 9 sheet masks. It is still not as much as I planned.

In April, I emptied: 3 cleansers /  1 serum / 2 moisturizers / 1 wash off mask / 2 sleeping masks

April total: 8 empties + 9 sheet masks

Yearly total : 28 empties + 17 sheet masks

As mentioned above, besides emptying the skincare products, I purchased some items, but also got few as my birthday gift.

I got: Allies of the Skin Molecular silk amino hydrating cleanser, Dr Jart Vital hydra solution essence 50ml, Garden of Wisdom niacinamide serum (5%), Ducray Melascreen creme legere spf50, Cerave moisturizing lotion, Purito Centella green level unscented spf50, Caudalie Vinoperfect crème éclat anti-tâches 15 ml, Algenist Alive prebiotic balancing mask 10 ml

I gifted 2 moisturizers (Eyenlip 24k gold & peptides cream and Jiggot whitening cream) and 1 sunscreen (Some by Mi Truecica mineral sunscreen).

So, at the end of April 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 15 cleansers
  • 20 toners and mists
  • 20 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 14 serums / ampoules
  • 4 emulsions
  • 22 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 5 sleeping packs
  • 11 facial oils
  • 20 masks
  • 5 eye creams and eye masks
  • 102 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!

Skincare stash decrease project – update 2

Hello everybody!

Here is the second update of my skincare stash decrease project. So, these are my empties from March.

Farmacy Green clean cleansing balm – I have already written about this cleansing balm in my Empties post. This is my favorite cleansing balm. I will not bother you again with my enthusiastic review about this buttery cleansing goodness. I can say that I haven’t changed my mind a bit. I love it and will continue buying it. I will be without it for some time until I decrease my stash. I wish I’d bought one for back up before my no-buy.

Bobbi Brown cleansing oil (15ml) – I got this oil as a gift with my HG eye cream Bobbi Brown. It is a lightweight oil that feels like satin when you start to cleanse your face. It is not oily at all, it emulsifies nicely and removes well the makeup, spf, everything.. I really like it and will definitely think about purchasing a full size product.

Glow Recipe Blueberry bounce cleanser – My opinion about this cleanser and Glow Recipe as brand in general is really an unpopular opinion. This is second product I tried from their range and I equally disliked it like their watermelon sleeping pack. I have been literally forcing myself to empty this 30ml bottle for almost a year!! I didn’t even go through it all, I just had to throw it away. So, you can guess what kind of opinion I have  about this cleanser. Each time I applied it, my skin was feeling tight, like it was “getting smaller” with each second after I washed it off. On top of that, it burnt my eyes really badly while I was washing it off. And I didn’t even try to remove my eye makeup with this. Honestly, I cannot imagine that I would ever try to remove my eye makeup with product that contains AHA!! I think my exploration of Glow Recipe products ends right here (I have already written about Glow Recipe watermelon mask in my previous post).

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 20ml – Pyunkang Yul Mist toner is one of my HG toners, so I thought I could also like Essence Toner. And I wasn’t wrong. Of course by its consistence this is more an essence than a toner. It is hydrating, but more than that, it is calming and healing. It provides instant relief to the skin, is absorbed nicely without any sticky residue. Unlike the Mist Toner, this is basically perfect essence. I will for sure buy a full size bottle.

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 mucin power essence – this is my HG of Kbeauty skincare. I do not count how many bottles of this essence I have emptied so far. I am always wondering how something so slimy and sticky can be so hydrating. This is also my go to skincare product, my skin saviour when I have some issues like skin redness, failed routines that cause some sensitivity, etc. It is gentle, hydrating, calming, soothing. I love it and will always keep buying it.

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C dark spot serum – Although my skin loves a good vitamin C serum, I wasn’t quite happy with this one. I have been using the vitamin C serums for more than a decade and I have tried my share of these. My skin enjoyed in almost all these serums, but I honestly cannot explain what is wrong with this one. It has a jelly texture which is easily spread, it does leave some sticky residue which disappears with the application of the next layer. The form of vitamin C used in this serum is ascorbyl glucoside which is stable against light and that why it is packed in a transparent bottle and not in a dark bottle as most vitamin C serums are. This form is non-irritating at all. And still I didn’t like it.  Maybe it is because its main targets are the dark spots which I do not have. What disappointed me also is that I didn’t even notice the immediate brightening effect and healthy glow which I got from almost all vitamin C serums. I also bought the pads from same line which I use also in my morning routine (one day I used the serum and next the pads). I will not repurchase the serum.

Tiam Vita B3 source – I use the niacianamide each day. Since I started to use religiously spf cream, I introduced some changes to my routine and switched the niacinamide and vitamin C serum. So now I put the niacinamide as first step in my evening routine. I really like the texture of this serum which feels a little bit greasy between the fingers (probably due to the arbutine), but once you start massaging it, it disappears instantly. It is gentle, not drying like some niacinamide serums tend to be (especially the ones with zinc). It clears the complexion, it brightens it, improves the skin texture. I will repurchase this for sure.

Bioderma Matricium – I use those on days that follow the application of A313 Vitamine A pommade. It is a thick, but still liquid, it is tacky, but really calms down any redness you might have. This flacon is for 2 uses. I still have more than 20 pcs in the stash.

Drunk Elephant Hydra-B serum – I bought this together with DE C-firma serum. Neither one of those serums didn’t wow me, although I must say that Hydra-B is little bit better than C- Firma. It is a jelly serum that penetrates the skin fast, is not sticky, but the level of hydration it provides to skin is nothing extraordinary that would justify the price tag is has. I will not repurchase.

The Plant Base Quesera Ceramide serum – I had this on my wish list for a long time and I was really excited when I got my hands on this shinny bottle. I really must command the fancy golden packaging and the pressure dropper which makes the dosage easier. The serum itself is of a milky texture with some slip to it. The application is really easy and comfortable, the serum is absorbed fast and almost perfectly, it doesn’t leave any tacky residue. We all know that the ceramides are important for strengthening the skin barrier. Mine is not damaged but I like to use some form of ceramides ever since I introduced the A313 (form of Vitamin A). This serum calms and nourishes the skin, makes it smooth and glowy. I don’t like the bottle size (20ml) through which I went really very quickly. However, I will repurchase at a certain point.

A’pieu Glacier water hydrating ampoule – I liked this simple hydrating ampoule that combines the glacier water and sodium hyaluronate. It sooths and calms skin while cooling and moisturizing it at the same time. The texture is of a watery gel, easy to apply and well absorbed. Although I used it during the winter, this could be a perfect summer cooling/hydrating ampoule. I will repurchase.

Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating mask – this is an average wash-off mask. It provides some cooling effect, sinks in the skin and gives certain amount of hydration, but not the intense hydration as the product name says. Each time I put this on my face, I started to feel the tightening effect as if I didn’t provide my skin with sufficient care. Just like the PTR cucumber mask version, it is absorbed completely, but the result is far from expected.  I will not repurchase.

Oskia Renaissance mask – I got this luxury sample in one of Lookfantastic’s Beauty boxes and I enjoyed in every single masking. Although I wasn’t using it on a regular basis, it impressed me each time I applied it. At the beginning, I was afraid of some negative reactions like burning, so I left it only for 5-6 minutes and then I washed it off. I didn’t feel any burning, only slight tingling and only for first 2 times. I usually kept the mask on not more than 10 minutes. Once it is washed off, you can really see the difference. The skin is visibly brightened, very smooth and soft and it stays like this for days. Basically this mask does the chemical peeling (it contains lactic acid) but in a gentle way. Although the full size is rather pricey, I will buy it for sure.

Huxley Secrets of Sahara Good night sleep mask – Since I really like Huxley’s Secrets of Sahara oil essence, I thought I would enjoy this sleeping mask which is also made with prickly pear cactus extract. However, I didn’t. It is not a bad product, it is hydrating and soothing, feels comfortable on the skin, it is non-sticky and sinks in fast, but each time I put this, I have a feeling that my skin craves for one more layer of something, like my routine was unfinished. And this is not how your skin should feel after applying a sleeping pack which is supposed to seal everything in as a last step of the routine. I don’t think I will repurchase.

I thought I would be using more sheet masks since I’m constantly at home. However, this month I only used 6 sheet masks. Among them, I absolutely have to mention Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential mask. It completely blew my mind!! It made my skin so hydrated, calm, bouncy. I kept looking at the mirror and admiring the effect. I even took a selfie and I almost never do that!! And what’s funny it’s that I didn’t even choose purposely this sheet, it came in a sheet mask set from Jolse. The reason why I would have never chosen this sheet mask before is because of my experience with Secret Key fte that I tried at the very beginning of my Kbeauty journey which did absolutely nothing to my skin. And this sheet mask could easily become one of my favorite mask.

And here is one of my rare selfies (and first posted on my blog) taken after the use of Secret Key sheet mask.  Please be kind and remember I’m 44 years old 🙂

I must admit I broke the no-buy this month and bought some things. I emptied Goodal c vitamin, so I ordered Timeless C+ E ferulic acid although I did have The Inkey List vitamin C in my stash. However, I changed a bit my routine and switched vitamin C and niacinamide serum so I put vitamin C in the morning and niacinamide in the evening. Although I like The Inkey List, its silicony texture which requires some waiting before next step is not suitable for the quick routines before going to work. Then again, due to Covid-19, I changed my mind again as I described in my previous post about the products I opened in March and opened The Inkey List Vitamin C serum.

The other thing I couldn’t resist to was the possibility of bidding for By Wishtrend Polyphenols in propolis 15% which I wanted to try for a long, long time. And the price I paid for it was great (15€) instead of maybe 27-28$ which is the usual Ebay rate. However this serums is still travelling from South Korea and I’m not sure if it will ever be delivered.

In March, I emptied:

3 cleansers / 1 toner / 1 essence / 2 acid – active treatments / 3 serums / 2 wash-off masks / 1 sleeping pack

March total: 13 empties + 6 sheet masks

Yearly total : 20 empties + 8 sheet masks

So, at the end of March 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 17 cleansers
  • 20 toners and mists
  • 19 acid & active treatments
  • 13 essences
  • 15 serums / ampoules
  • 4 emulsions
  • 23 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 7 sleeping packs
  • 11 facial oils
  • 20 masks
  • 5 eye creams and eye masks
  • 111 sheet masks

Till next time stay healthy and beautiful!





Skincare stash decrease project – update 1

Hello everybody!

This is the first update of my skincare stash decrease project. Basically these are my latest empties and I do not have a lot of them since it’s been only a little bit more than a week since I posted the stash inventory.

Krave Beauty Matcha hemp hydrating cleanser – this is such a nice cleanser and one of best Kbeauty cleansers I tried in a while. It has a jelly texture, little goes a long way. It is very gentle and yet very effective second cleanser. It doesn’t foam a lot which I really like. It leaves the skin very smooth. It does need little bit more water splashes to wash it off, but it washes off completely and without any residue. I will repurchase.

Acwell licorice ph balancing and cleansing toner – this was my HG toner for quite a long time. However, due to the fact that it was difficult to find it online, I didn’t use for more than a year. I was very happy I noticed these small 30ml bottles available at Ebay. I must admit I’m not so crazy about this toner anymore. I always use at the very beginning of my routines. I do not feel that boost of hydration I used to have from it and I do not feel that my skin is supple. I tested it both applying it with fingers and with cotton pads. I must say I currently prefer the application with cotton pads. I’m not sure if I will repurchase.

Tatcha The watery cream – I really like this moisturizer. When applied to the skin, you can instantly feel the burst of hydration. I feel like when it touches the skin, it turns into water and drenches the skin. It sinks in completely and perfectly leaving the skin very hydrated and soft. However, I must admit I’m not sure if I would spend 68$ for a moisturizer no matter how perfect it is. And it really is a perfect moisturizer.

Glow Recipe Watermelon sleeping mask – this is such a huge disappointment for me. Since everybody is raving and hyping this, I thought I would love it. However, I do not like it at all. Although its texture is rather thin and watery, it leaves a sticky feeling on the skin. No matter what routine I put under it, it is always pilling so in the morning I always have on my face a small bits of something that look like I forgot to remove the peel-off mask. The only thing I like about it is the scent. But since this is not a perfume, that’s obviously not important. I will never buy it again.

Labiotte UV moisture veil spf50 (30ml) – I love this sunscreen. It’s a gel with such a nice lightweight texture, it is easily spread and absorbed flawlessly. It contains some micro-granules that melt once they touch the skin surface. There is no white cast, the finish is not matte, but it leaves some fancy glow (not a greasy one). I used this on my no makeup days since its spf filters are different from my Missha bb cream ones, and they do not work well together. I will repurchase again.

Ohui Miracle moisture skin softener – this is milky toner that does exactly what its name says: it softens the skin for the application of next steps. I use it as first step of my routine when I do not use the first treatment essence. It makes the skin soft, supple and gives a dab of hydration. However, I prefer the fte, because they provide more hydration. I don’t think I will repurchase this.

Prreti berry white eye serum – I used this in my morning routine. It provides such a nice hydration and relief to the eye area and brightens it. It works well under my bb cream, it does not pill. And the price I paid for this is ridiculous: 1,34 $ at Beautynetkorea! I will repurchase.

Last week I only used 2 sheet masks: Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Sea Cucumber and Isntree Ceramide Deep moisture cream mask. Neither one was anything extraordinary. Blithe’s Sea Cucumber could be great sheet mask with real brightening effect and moisture it provides if only it weren’t of that terrible scent.

I emptied:

1 cleanser / 1 toner / 1 moisturizer + 1 sunscreen / 1 eye cream / 1 sleeping mask.

Besides the empties I had, I gave as a gift 1 moisturizer (Tonymoly The Green Tea chok-chok).

February total: 7 empties + 2 sheet masks

So, at the end of February 2020, this is current status of my skincare stash:

  • 20 cleansers
  • 21 toner and mist
  • 20 acid & active treatments
  • 14 essences
  • 18 serums / ampoules
  • 4 emulsions
  • 23 moisturizers and sunscreens
  • 8 sleeping packs
  • 11 facial oils
  • 22 masks
  • 5 eye creams and eye masks
  • 117 sheet masks

I hope I will have more empties next time!

Till then, stay healthy and beautiful!




Empties 6

Hello everybody!

And once again I have my share of empties, but not a huge quantity as in my Empties 5 post. That was really a massive overview.

You’re probably wondering how I manage to empty so many products. Basically I do not skip my routines ever, I do the double cleansing each night, I apply the niacinamide every morning, I put my vitamin C every other day. I use 2 toners or first essence and a toner in both of my routines, I use 2 serums each night. I do not apply the same products each day, I use the products according to my skin needs. On top of that, I tend to be generous when applying products (not all of course).  And that’s how I get to empty so many products.

So this is what I have emptied lately.

Tonymoly Pro-clean smoky lip & eye remover – this is not the first time that this makeup removers appears in my post. It’s my favourite makeup remover, very effective, but at the same time gentle to my eyes. You got a big bottle of 250ml for affordable price which is not the case for western makeup removers. I have already repurchased the new bottle.

Elra Story Alpine remedy Light-up toner – it took me a while to empty this bottle. Since it contains some essential oils, I was quite hesitant about using it during summer although I do use a spf cream. Once the summer was over, I restarted using it in my morning routine after the niacinamide. It is really a refreshing toner. It is watery, but still has some body to it and is absorbed fast. I must admit I had used some better toners, but it is still good. I’m not sure if I will be repurchasing it again.

Guerisson 9-complex essence – this is also one of my HG products especially in my winter routines. It is a nice essence which calms and nourishes the skin, it is not tacky, it is absorbed quickly and what is the most important, it really makes a difference in my routine when the heating season begins (when a “wrong” routine can make my skin feeling a bit tight). I have already bought a new bottle and will keep on buying.

Klairs Supple preparation toner – I tried this toner in the beginning of my Kbeauty journey and I think I liked at the time, but I didn’t repurchase. I had to try it again. I used it as a first step of my routine instead of first treatment essence. At first I was applying it with cotton pad, but I didn’t like the overall feeling, so I switched to applying it with my fingers (the usual chok-chok method). It is refreshing and soothing, it softens the skin and makes it supple. I do like it, but honestly I do not know if I’m going to repurchase it, since I like better Acwell licorice toner when applied in the same way.

Hanyul Artemisia miracle relief essence – I used this essence as a first treatment essence. Unlike Missha’s artemisia fte, I really liked this mugwort essence. It was not sticky, not even if I put few layers of it. My skin feels like it is really deeply hydrated and calmed and prepared for next layers. I went through this 50ml bottle fast because I really enjoyed using this. I will repurchase for sure.

Coreana Ample:n peptide ampoule – When I bought this, I was hoping that I had found a cheap, but effective peptide ampoule. However, this is the first peptide serum that did actually nothing for my skin, except delivering some nutrition. I’m so happy to see the bottle in the trash. I will not repurchase.

Skinfood Royal Honey Propolis enrich essence – Although it is declared as an essence, for me it is a serum and I was always using it as such. It is really a nice propolis serum that nourishes deeply the skin and gives a nice and healthy glow. It sinks in nicely and doesn’t leave a sticky residue as lot of propolis serums do. I will repurchase.

Elensilia CPP French propolis ampoule – Unlike Skinfood propolis, this one was a big miss. Although this is such a small bottle, I must admit I was really happy when I emptied it. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a terrible product, but the stickiness it leaves, kills every benefit it has. I really do not have an issue when I have to think how to incorporate certain more “complicated” products like acids or retinols in my routine, but I honestly do not want to spend so much time thinking about what to do with a propolis serum/ampoule. And with this one, this was exactly what I was forced to do (when to apply, what to put before or after, should I mix it with something, with what to mix it, etc). You guess I will not purchase it again.

Mad Hippie C vitamin serum – before I started my Asian skincare journey, this was my favourite C vitamin serum and I still like it and buy it from time to time. It gives my skin a healthy glow and brightens it. If I have a breakout (which I rarely do), it helps the pimples to disappear / heal faster and helps the scars to fade away. I will repurchase again.

Sidmool Dr Troub niaten serum – this is yet another one of niacinamide serums that I really like. It calms the redness, brightens the skin, it is not harsh in any way, doesn’t sting or cause irritation and has a perfect watery texture. I prefer watery niacinamide serums since I use it as a 1st step in my morning routine. I have already repurchased.

The Inkey List Niacinamide – as mentioned in my last post about 2019 skincare journey, the niacinamide was the ingredient that marked my 2019 from cosmetic point of view. This serum was one of the niacinamide serums I tried. The price

Swanicoco Herb & Snail emulsion – this emulsion was purchased by mistake since I actually wanted to buy Swanicoco Snail ferment emulsion. This purchase turned out to be fine. Honestly I didn’t explore so much this category of products, so I do not have a lot to compare. This emulsion is excellent choice for spring / summer as a replacement for a moisturizer. I like the light texture it has and the way it refreshes/hydrates/moisturize the skin without the overload of any kind. Although I do not think that the emulsions are indispensable in my routine, I would repurchase this one.

The Inkey List bakuchiol – nice moisturizer at a really affordable price. It contains a very interesting ingredient, bakuchiol, marketed as a botanical replacement for retinol, but without any reactions that are usually linked to the use of retinol. As I said, it is nice moisturizer that has a texture of an emulsion, it is easily spread and absorbed. It worked well under my bb cream. It nourishes the skin, gives it a nice glow and suppleness, but also some firmness. I cannot speak about its impact on wrinkles, since it is really short time and basically I do not have wrinkles, except the mimic ones on my forehead. As you can see I went through 2 tubes and I’m thinking of buying 2 more.

Drunk Elephant C-firma day serum – I’m so happy I only had this small bottle and not a really expensive full size product.  It went bad even before I could use it all. On top of it, my skin didn’t like it at all since it made it red and burned it. I will not repurchase.

Laneige Cica sleeping mask – I had so many different thoughts on this sleeping mask whilst using it and yet it is only 10ml jar. At first I didn’t see any benefit for my skin. Maybe I wasn’t used to its texture since it is on a thicker side, basically it has a texture of a moisturizer. But once I started using it as a moisturizer/ only occlusive in my routine, I really started to like it. It is nourishing and really calming. I especially liked this to be finish of my routine on the nights after I introduced A313, a French pommade containing vitamin A. I must say that I’m no fan of Laneige and besides Laneige cream skin refiner, this sleeping mask is the only product I liked so far. I have one more sample size and I will for sure buy a full size.

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Intense cream – this is a nice moisturizer. It provides a great balance of moisture and nutrition and it is perfect for my skin. It has a nice texture and it is spread easily, it is not greasy in any way, it is absorbed fast. Beside Primera Alpine berry cream, this is the best moisturizer I tried lately. I will repurchase again.

Manyo Factory Miracle overnight pack – this was my big discovery of 2018 and my HG. Unfortunately, it is discontinued or at least it cannot be bought under this name and in this packaging (tube). I’m still trying to find it out. This was perfect sleeping mask and perfect finish of my routines to lock all the goodness I put on my face. I would repurchase again if I could!


Lancôme Liquid matte rouge L’absolu velours – I do not remember the name of this colour and the letters on the packaging disappeared. Fuchsia is one of my favourite lip colors (and red of course). This formula feels comfortable on lips and not drying at all. The applicator shape is really nice and it makes the application smooth, easy and precise. However, the color doesn’t last long and the reapplication is a must.

Benefit They’re real mascara – I wasn’t happy with this mascara. Maybe it is good one, but it is not a good choice for my lashes. I didn’t like the brush and its short and sharp bristles. Basically, apart from nice color, this mascara didn’t do much for my lashes. Also it smudges a bit. I still have a mini size of this mascara, that I got as a gift with this purchase, but I will not repurchase it.

Kiko Skin trainer cc blur – it has a nice, fluffy texture and is easily spread. It smoothes, matifies and evens the skin. It can be used as a primer, but I used it instead of a bb cream. If you look for a full coverage, you should skip this. The coverage is not very important for me and my skin needs. I will repurchase again (when I stumble upon a Kiko store somewhere).

Milani eye primer in nude – this is an excellent eye primer at very affordable price. It keeps put my eye-shadow and eye-liner throughout the whole day. It is not dry, neither greasy (just like my eyelids). I have already repurchased.

And as always, I finished some hair and body care items.


Till next time, stay healthy and beautiful!